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We know that you love Hyundai models, and we can understand the appeal. These models are known for their longevity and style, plus they’re affordable so our Havelock, Jacksonville NC and Greenville NC customers can make the most of their busy schedules. If you have found a model that suits your needs, or you are just beginning your quest, consider what your financing options might be.

Financing Solutions Made Easy with Hyundai of New Bern

Do you want to lease your new Hyundai? This option lets you trade your hatchback, sedan or SUV after a few years for a brand-new one, and often means a lower monthly payment while buying means you see the loan through to the end until it is paid off. The result of buying a new or used vehicle is that you own it outright, and that’s something that our Havelock, Jacksonville NC and Greenville NC drivers can appreciate.

Apply for Financing & Work with Our Team at Hyundai of New Bern

We can help you by entering your information into this easy and secure form and letting our team take a look. We can help you learn what financing terms you qualify for, and whether to lease or buy. Our team is standing by in New Bern to help you bring home the right Hyundai Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Elantra or Kona today. Contact us to learn more.

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Commonly Asked Finance Questions:

  1. May I obtain a car loan even though I’ve got damaged credit?
    A: Without a doubt! This is our specialty at Hyundai of New Bern. We partner with a network of lending agencies that specialize in being able to help people with unfavorable credit ratings buy an auto. Even if you may have been denied previously, we suggest you try again with us.

  3. Suppose I have a bankruptcy?
    A: The Credit Approval program at can potentially get you authorized for a vehicle regardless of where you’re in the bankruptcy process.

  5. Suppose I told you I’ve had a repossession in the past?
    A: At Hyundai of New Bern, we’ve had many purchasers that have had repossessions in times past. Our business is assisting you, the client, to re-establish your credit and get past the issues that you have experienced in the past.

  7. Suppose I told you I’m disabled or on Social Security?
    A: Being on disability would not damage your ability to obtain financing. Social Security is recognized by loan providers as a source of revenue and can be used in ascertaining the size of loan you are a candidate for.

  9. What would happen if I’m self-employed?
    A: Being self-employed generally speaking is not an obstacle. Occasionally, proof of a source of income may not be required whatsoever. If it is, having verifiable income is the main factor. We’ll be able to use tax returns, bank statements, or cancelled checks.

  11. What happens if I have a new job?
    A: Don’t worry, the banks we work closely with at Hyundai of New Bern look at dozens of factors beyond just job time. We fully understand that everybody changes occupations every so often and we still have ways to get you financed.

  13. What about if my trade-in has a larger balance than what my car may be valued at?
  14. Being “upside-down” on a trade is an enormous obstacle for a lot of car dealers because their vehicles are actually priced well over retail value. In our case, we regularly buy automobiles at an excellent value particularly for trading customers out of negative equity scenarios. Generally, what this means is we most likely will be able to trade you out of your upside-down trade-in while rolling over little if any negative equity.

  16. What about if I do not have money to put for a down payment?
    A: At Hyundai of New Bern, we want to speak to you in any event. We’ve got numerous programs which permit you to put nothing down. Let us know exactly how much are are dealing with and we’ll try and match the loan package to your needs.

  18. Suppose I told you I’m a first time buyer?
    A: Even when you have not had the option to establish a record of on-time payments, we’ll assist you in getting there and get you in the driver’s seat while doing so.

  20. Do you offer military financing?
    A: Yes. You’ll find we have numerous Financial Corporations that have specialized in military member financing.

  22. What would happen if I’ve got an excellent credit score?
    A: Our team has extraordinary plans for individuals with an excellent credit score including Credit Union Direct financing which offers the most competitive loan rates in the areA:

  24. What if I have a trade-in?
    A: All trade-in cars or trucks are welcome at Hyundai of New Bern, running or not. Furthermore, we are experts in trading customers out of an undesirable equity positions. For those who have a trade, we would always like to have a discussion with you about it.

  26. Should I acquire a vehicle history report?
    A: Yes. We recommend it at Hyundai of New Bern.

  28. Am I allowed to get a copy of my credit report?
    A: Yes, however not from us. We are happy to show you your credit report and look at it together with you. We will also provide you with your credit score in writing. We advise going to for a free copy of your report.

  30. Exactly how much will my monthly payment be?
    A: There are a lot of components that go into figuring out monthly installments such as amount of purchase, monthly interest rate, term, and down payment. With hundreds of banks, thousands of packages, and a wide array of vehicles, the best option will be to contact us with your price range and we’ll see what we can make work for your unique case.

  32. How long does the application process take?
    A: Filling out the credit application physically or online only takes a few minutes. After the application has been submitted, the bank may request additional information such as pay stubs, phone bills, bank statements, or they may not request anything at all. Every bank and every program is different, but we’ll help you get everything completed as quickly as possible.

  34. What do individuals need to bring with them to try to get a car loan?
    A: You should have available the following documents: ID or Driver’s License, Trade Title, pay stubs or proof of income. You may also be asked to supply utility or phone bills, bank statements, or other similar documents.
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