Hyundai Brake Services in New Bern NC

Brakes are an undeniably important (if not the most important) part of your car. In order to make sure they are functioning properly, you should schedule regular brake maintenance and be aware of any potential problems.

Our technicians at Hyundai New Bern answer some of the most common questions customers have about brake care and repair.

Brake Care Questions Answered in New Bern, North Carolina

When do car brakes need to be changed?

A general rule of thumb is that most brake pads need replacement after about 50,000 miles. If you hear strange noises, feel vibrations, or notice a light on your dashboard pertaining to your brakes, bring your car in so our maintenance team can ensure everything is functioning correctly.

How are car brakes tested?

When you bring your car in for a brake maintenance appointment, we check to make sure the brakes and brake pads are both working optimally. We do this by checking the wheels for brake dust, checking the brake pad for thickness, and making sure there are no abnormalities with the brake pedals or steering wheel.

How should car brakes feel?

The better question is how shouldn't they feel? When you brake, you shouldn't notice vibrations in your brakes or steering wheel, your brakes shouldn't feel soft or spongy, and your car shouldn't pull to one side when you brake.

What causes car brakes to fail?

There are many issues that can lead to eventual brake failure. Oil leaks that interfere with brake friction, overheating of brakes, and over-worn brake pads are all possible answers to this question.

Where to fix my car brakes?

We've got a team of maintenance experts who can help you right here in New Bern, North Carolina.

If you notice that your brakes seem a little off based on the questions above, schedule a maintenance appointment at Hyundai New Bern. Our service team can help you figure out if there is a problem with your brake system, and fix it or install replacement brakes, if necessary.

We look forward to visits from customers in New Bern, as well as from nearby Jacksonville, Wilmington and Morehead City.

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